Testimonials & Reviews

"Antibacterial Foot Spray and Soothing Muscle Rub are two products I use after every hike! After a long hike my feet get super HOT and I can’t wait to take them out of my socks and hikers. This antibacterial foot spray provides a nice cooling sensation that helps relive the swelling in my feet. Depending on the hike my legs can be a little tender the next day so I like to be proactive and apply some muscle rub on my them. Since using this product I have found that my muscles are less tender and so moisturized!
"Not only does this dry shampoo come in a light and dark option for most hair colours but it smells amazing too. I also found that I couldn’t even feel anything in my hair, it felt natural and made my hair look clean and fresh."

- Amanda McNally, Alberta Adventure Girl, Avid Hiker (Reviewing Cooling Foot Spray, Soothing Body Balm, Dry Shampoo). Read the full review here!

"Truly non-allergenic, soothing, cleansing, hydrating, and environmentally friendly! It's Absolutely Fantastic!  My highly sensitive skin feels amazing ... finally!  It's Beauty in the Backcountry from now on … they'll be no more over the counter products for me!

- Sandi, Everyday Use (Reviewing Lavender Face Wash, Moisturizer, Lip Balm)

" I was lucky enough to test out the Backcountry Beauty Bag earlier this summer when I took a week to hike the North Coast Trail and up to the Cape Scott Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. When preparing for seven days in the backcountry, I was concerned about what I was going to do about my toiletries on the trip – I don’t wear any makeup in the backcountry, but I hate when my skin breaks out from all the sweat and sunscreen. At home I have a pretty stringent skincare routine and I was trying to decide between abandoning my routine for a week and suffering with angry skin or lugging all the bottles/sprays/lotions with me and adding 5lbs to my pack.

The Backcountry Beauty products [incl. lavender face wash tea tree oil moisturizer and beeswax lip bam], were the only things I used on my face, with the exception of Pampers wet wipes (if it’s good enough for a baby’s bottom, it’s probably okay for my face!) and a small tube of acne spot treatment. The bag was the perfect size to contain all my toiletries, including my toothbrush and travel toothpaste, and fit perfectly in the top compartment of my pack for easy access at camp.

I used a small amount of the face wash on my face, chest, and back each morning and evening – the lavender scent immediately made me feel refreshed and clean, which was especially nice a few days into the trip! I have sensitive skin around my eyes and if I applied the moisturizer overnight, my eyes would be a little puffy in the morning. The swelling went down within an hour of being awake though and I noticed no problems during the day when I applied the moisturizer. My complexion remained nearly perfect for the entire trip; certainly much better than it would have been had I attempted to forego toiletries entirely. I was very impressed since I was constantly slathering sunscreen on my face and that usually causes me to break out within a day. Since I was hiking in the rainforest and on the coast, it was very humid so I didn’t really need to use the lip balm that often. I used it a few times though and my lips didn’t chap at all, which sometimes happens when I put anything on my lips. I only wish that I could’ve swapped the lip balm for the muscle rub, because my feet were aching after a few days in!

All in all, the Backcountry Beauty Bag was a convenient size and weight with high quality products for a longer backpacking trip. I have already recommended it to all my friends!"

- Dante,  7 day Trek along the North Coast Trail (Reviewing the Backcountry Beauty Bag)

"The products were great! I loved loved the muscle rub and it worked pleasantly as a nice air freshener for my tent as well since after a few nights in, it was a nice oasis to climb into with the scent still lingering on my sleeping pad! I didn't end up taking the face wash into the canyon, just the moisturizer. Being the only girl on a 6-person trek and with little access to washing water, I chose to take Olay wipes instead. The moisturizer was great and helped nicely as an AM sunblock until we finished the morning hiking and the spf 60 had to come out.  The peppermint lip balm was always in my side pocket of my pack and even the guys kept stealing it, so it was for sure a hit!

- Tracy, 4 day trek in the Grand Canyon (reviewing the muscle rub & Backcountry Beauty Bag, Photo Above)

"The foot spray is amazing. It's refreshing and I actually used it on my hands too. Helped with my boyfriend's smelly feet in the car. Lip moisturizer is great, feels nice and doesn't dry lips. Face wash was primo, removed makeup great and left my skin feeling good (big deal bc I am sensitive like most people)."

- Lauren, Trip to Mount Joffre and Aster Lake (Reviewing foot spray & Backcountry Beauty Bag)